How To Create Effective & Efficient Selling System

How To Create Effective & Efficient Selling System

Course Synopsis

Understanding the theoretical and practical meaning of selling, identification of market and understanding its environment, consumers’ behaviour and buying pattern and the sales process to match their buying cycle are essential elements in creating effective and efficient selling system

This course will offer participants opportunity of understanding the basic selling skills and the process of influencing thought, action and attitude, to produce the desired response.

This course contains the following sub-tittles:

  1. Definition of selling
  2. The act of selling
  3. Types of selling
  4. Product vs value
  5. Quality of a good sales person
  6. Steps to successful selling
  7. Product knowledge
  8. Communications
  9. Target market/customer knowledge
  10. Establishing trust
  11. Relationship management
  12. Expectation management