Everywhere, all around the world. People have shown vicissitude to events and ceremonies. Celebration had become part of life and people cannot disintegrate from it.

People all over the world, celebrate and organize events for many reasons. In organizing a successful event or party, an excellent event planner must be able to answer the five ‘W’ and one ‘H’ of event planning, i.e. WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHO AND HOW? It’s a common saying that “A man that knows HOW, will always get a job but the one that knows WHY, will always be his boss”. The difference between organizing a good event and an excellent event has to do with knowing the WHY i.e. the event objective, what do you want every attendee to walk away with and remember for long after the event is gone!

We at Global Distributors Network (GDN) believe that in organizing birthday parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc. the souvenirs given out must not just be another souvenir that people may not look forward to using but something that has a lifelong lasting impact and propels the attendees to live a more excellent life.

Our Findings have reviewed that over the few decades, most celebrants choose their souvenir without considering the impact such products / souvenirs have on the people receiving them.

It is reviewed that most people don’t usually make use of the souvenirs they receive from such ceremonies because of the little importance attached to such gift item / souvenir

The GDN Exquisite is, however, a package designed for Events Planner all over, to enhance them with the right products that can encourage Customers Turn –Over.

Through this package, we give you the opportunity not only to give good souvenirs but also through such souvenirs, we will impact lives and leave a lasting impression on the invitees. These souvenirs are branded by us and supplied to you at a minimal cost, according to your specification.


Our objectives are clear, but we set priorities to the following:

  • We focus on providing you with well package products that will immensely result to high profitability and also result in the growth of your business
  • We are concerned with increase the rate of turnover of your customer by providing them with standardized products that match their events.

We carefully selected products that will have a long-lasting impact on the invitees. We provide you with basic incentive packages that suit your taste.

Your Benefits

  • It wills Increase Profit Margin
  • It will result in high customer turnover
  • It gives you access to our Incentive packages
  • It avails you opportunity to award and Recognition