Global Plus Retail Outlet is exclusively designed for Bookshops all around the world. It is an arm of Global Distributors Network responsible for distribution of materials by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through Bookshop in every Nation of the world.

We operate through outlets that are willing to make additional profit for themselves. We are in the Business of helping Bookshops boost income regardless of what stage they are now.

Why Global Plus Bookshop?

  • Apart from retailing our materials through the Bookshop, it is an opportunity for outlet owners to:
  • Have access to viable sources of income through increasing demand for our materials
  • Create Partnership alliance with already established and Reputable Bookshop dealers
  • Create employment opportunity
  • Have additional stream of income with unlimited growth potential

Who is Qualify?

Global plus bookshop is open to people irrespective of their gender or Nationality who have the burning desire and passion to make the impact and remarkable changes in the lives of people in their immediate neighbourhood and surroundings.

  1. Everyone who has an established business with facility or space to merchandise Products
  2. Mainstream workers, with a desire to invest in a profitable venture as additional sources of income
  3. Existing bookshop owners.
  4. BLW ministry Members who has a shop outside the Christ Embassy Church.