The GDN Classic package is developed for men and women who wishes to make additional income for themselves. It is a package exclusively designed for those who wish to buy products by Pastor’s Chris Oyakhilome and our other Christian Resource materials at highly attractive discount rates and resell to other end users.

This act of buying and reselling is a well-paid self-profession where individuals can easily create easy income for themselves with other visible achievement. The package is opened to everyone, irrespective of gender or color or professionalism achieved.


Making PROFIT is better than earning a salary. Through the discount we offer, an individual can decide what he/she wants to earn,

  1. This package provides you with stable and regular income.
  2. It gives you ego of been a business for yourself and not by yourself!
  3. We provide quality training, that helps improve skill in Sales at no cost.
  4. Through proper management, we help individual to build a career in sales by providing various solutions to marketing and sales challenges.
  5. Consistent purchasing gives you access to earn points which accumulate and can be translated to valuable gift item.

How to Participate?

Register with the GDN Classic.

And purchase products at a relatively high discount.