GDN True-Wealth is a dream maker. It involves the process of purchasing products at a given discount with referral bonus on everyone they bring into the True-Wealth network.

The True wealth is a combination of Soul-Winning and Financial Empowerment and we are multinational in our scope of business, with our offices in over 10 countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi etc. It currently has distributors in over 53 countries and is still growing.

The True wealth Vision

To raise true-wealth distributors in every city of the world where we network the world with the healing and salvation message of Christ through the distribution of books and tapes by Pastors Chris Oyakhilome.

The Opportunity         

GDN True-Wealth presents an opportunity that is more than money. Basically, there are several ways to win with us:

  1. Building People Making Global Impact
    As an Independent Consultant (that is what GDN True-Wealth distributors are called), you become a solution provider for the needs of people all over the world.
    This you do by matching their needs with the corresponding solution as contained in our products.
    Also, by building a network of distributors, you enrich the lives of others by helping them create wealth.
  1. Personal Development & Support
    You can be trained in your choice of business at a minimal and subsidized cost.You are in business for yourself but not by yourself as you have the support of GDN True-Wealth and other distributors to help, coach, guide and build your confidence and competence, helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.
  1. Creating Job & Business Opportunities
    You can own your own business with minimal capital and grow it with hard work and patience. You can own your own business without the usual risk whilst enjoy the security of working with a major organization.
    You can own your own large and international organization without having to pay salaries. You do not need your own money to start the business. You can get the products for the people, who need it, collect the cash, come buy from us at the wholesale price and keep the difference as profit.
    It’s that simple! You do not require a degree and there is no age limitation. There is no colour barrier or sexual discrimination. All you need is a Passion for People, a Passion for the Products and a Passion for Excellence.
  1. Teamwork, Fun & Friendship
    You are never alone as a GDN True-Wealth distributor, we believe in TEAMWORK. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) You can make lots of friends from different nations.
    You will also have loads of fun even though you’re doing business. It is a business with pleasure rather than pressure.
  1. Personal Recognition
    Our Distributors are recognized for their effort. They receive special lapel pins, certificates and awards for their outstanding accomplishment.
  1. Glitz & Glamour
    We celebrate our distributors in grand style as we host colourful events in different locations around the world.